Monday, October 18, 2010

NOPE! It's totally true!! If you are planning a vacation to Canada make sure to stop in Cochrane, Ontario!  You will find a pretty amazing animal experience there called the Polar Bear Habitat.The best part about it.... you can swim with the polar bears! No, seriously! There's a wading pool beside the polar bear pool and while you are in it you are separated from the great white giants by a protective divider (to make it actually safe). Both children and adults can try it.
The Polar Bear Habitat is an award-winning rescue center for non releasable bears. The bears offer you the opportunity to observe and share their lives. A self-guided tour through our five-acre, natural conservation facility allows you to see them in a safe and natural way, as they learn, play, and interact. 
The Polar Bear Swim is only available in the summer so plan your vacations wisely.  Enjoy things like: "meet the bears" sessions, interpretive programs, and an "up close and personal" wading pool will educate, entertain, and enthrall you, as these majestic animals reveal their unique personalities.  
To plan YOUR vacation...check out their website:

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