Monday, January 10, 2011

A Surfing Dog With A Cause!

My Auntie Crystal is really into animals and animal rescuing. Me and my mom asked her for a cool animal story and she told us about an awesome dog named Ricochet.

Ricochet is a champion surf dog who has become a role model, internet sensation, fundraiser, and a good doer. She was born into a non profit organization that trains puppies to become service dogs for people with disabilities. Part of her training included balance and coordination exercises as soon as she could walk! At 8 weeks of age, she jumped on a boogie board in a kiddie pool, and she has been surfing ever since!

As she grew, so did her interest in chasing critters, which is a no-no for service dogs. So, she had to be released from that position. But since she proved that she could surf pretty well by winning 3rd place at her first surf dog competition, the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge, her role was changed to SURFice dog! She's still able to help people with disabilities... just in a non traditional way! Paw-abunga!

Now, she lives a lifestyle of helping others by "pawing it forward" while raising awareness & funds for human/animal causes. She's raised more than $61,210 through her initiative Surfin' for Paws-abilities. She is best known for her viral YouTube video, "From Service dog to SURFice dog", which has almost 3 million views! But she was also in Marmaduke!

Check out her official website to learn more about the charities she raises money for:

Now for some fun! 
Wanna know how to teach your dog how to surf? 

My Nana's Golden Retriever doesn't surf but he swims in the pool daily so I was curious how can I train Enzo to Surf if I wanted to?

Some dogs jump right on the board, the first time in the ocean!! But there are others who jump off, and use the surfboard as a diving board! Others are too distracted to focus on surfing, or others who just aren't sure about this new activity. These tips can help those that might be having a hard time getting started, or who don't have much time to spend at the beach. Most of these exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home (according to Ricochet's website)! here are some tips from Ricochet's site: and below is a video with some tips for getting started.